Friday, March 7, 2014

Columns for UW Alumni

                                          Photo © 2014 Barry Wong
It feels awkward to me to be on the other side of the camera, let alone trying to answer questions during an interview. However, Julie Garner, a staff writer and publications manager for the University of Washington, helped put me at ease. Her "Face Time" article appeared in the March 2014 issue of  UW's Columns alumni magazine. A copy arrived in my mailbox this week and Barry Wong emailed this picture he took with his new digital camera.

Jon Marmor, the magazine's editor, is another photographer who loves to use film. In a thank you note to him, I had to mention something along the lines of "Film rules but not for self portraits."

The New Fujifilm X100
Barry, a former staff photographer at the Seattle Times is now the photography teacher at Lakeside School in Seattle. He's up on the latest gear and sent this link to the Strobist website with a review of the Fijifilm X100. If I'm going to shoot more with digital, this looks like a remarkably compact camera that I would like to swap for my Canon 5D. Thanks for the photo and the camera tip, Barry.

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