Thursday, June 12, 2014

2014 PubWest Book Design recognition

Scott Gipson, publisher of Caxton Press, forwarded an email announcing the 2014 PubWest Book Design awards. Minidoka: An American Concentration Camp received a Silver Award for Jacket / Cover Design (Large).

"The PubWest Design Awards were developed 30 years ago to recognize superior design and outstanding production quality of books. We feel this is an important program to the PubWest organization and the publishers who contribute to it, as well as to the larger publishing community. It allows all of us to see trends that are coming into the publishing world, and it give those in the design and production areas an opportunity to see what our peers are doing."

Jocelyn Robertson was the editor and co-designer. By selecting a stronger font, making the title larger and moving the text to the corner, she added more visual impact (top). You can see my original concept, below. Thank you, Jocelyn.

I also want to add that Dennis Pattee, pre-press manager at Caxton, designed the book cover flaps.

Jocelyn Robertson enhanced the book's cover.
My original cover concept.

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