Friday, August 28, 2015

Dyke and June Itami

Photo © 2004 Teresa Tamura
Even ankle surgery couldn't keep Dyke Itami, pictured here
at age 89, from his love of fishing.

Dyke Itami's obituary begins with his passing on August 10th "at home due to natural causes at the age of 100 while happily preparing for a fishing trip." I'll remember Dyke as a person who remained engaged and active with sports his entire life. I'll also think of how I had grown up in Nampa, Idaho knowing the Itami family but not knowing of their connection to Minidoka until after I began work on the book decades later. 

His wife, June Itami, passed away on Jan. 14, 2012. Dyke cared for June at home after she had a stroke. Her obituary mentions that when June's family were forced to relocate in 1942, instead of a second suitcase, she choose to bring her violin. She was noted on the Suzuki Association website as being "especially instrumental" in bringing the Suzuki Method of violin education to the western United States.

Photo © 2004 Teresa Tamura
June Itami died in 2012 before the
Minidoka book was published.
Dyke Itami's memorial took place on Aug. 15th in Nampa. I was unable to attend but wanted the family to know I was thinking of them. As a way to honor Dyke and June, may these unpublished pictures remind us of their contributions and hard work.

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