Wednesday, January 1, 2014


One of my new year's resolutions is to make blog posts more regularly.

When the book was first released and Lucius Horiuchi (pp. 31-33) received his copy in the mail, he phoned to say he knew Frances (Yonemura) Yamamoto (pp. 204-205). He saw her photograph in the Minidoka book and learned she married and remained in Idaho. He said she was known as "Frannie" back when they were high school students. Lucius said he was hospitalized when he was in Minidoka and had to miss school. He recalled that she came to visit him.

When I saw Fran in Boise last November, she mentioned Lucius called her and they had a nice, long talk. It reminds me of the many connections that were made during the incarceration, then as the book was being made and now, as new connections continue to form.

Happy new year!

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