Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Start of 2014, end of 2013

With the start of the 2014, I wanted to review the events surrounding the book's 2013 release.

Sat. Sept. 21 - Seattle
The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience in Seattle hosted the first reading and signing in the Tateuchi Story Theatre. Paul Kogita surprised me with a beautiful handmade sign made of wood his father had saved from his family's incarceration in Minidoka (see Sat. Sept. 28 note). Many friends and people in the book were in attendance including Fumiko Hayashida, 102(!), and her daughter, Natalie Ong. Natalie took these pictures and emailed them over. Thank you, Natalie, plus all of the guests, and Vivian Chan, Hanh Pham and Michelle Kumata of the Wing Luke.

© 2013 Natalie Ong
Fumiko Hayashida, left, and me

© 2013 Natalie Ong
Left to right: Herb Tuchiya, Yosh Nakagawa and Tom Ikeda

Sat. Sept. 28 - Seattle
The book release "celebration" was held in the Microsoft Auditorium in the downtown Seattle Public Library. Art Wright and the debut of his Minidoka book trailer video along with Mitsuye Yamada, author of Camp Notes and Other Writings (1998) and Larry Matsuda, author of A Cold Wind From Idaho (2010), joined me for this special event.

Among the guests were many people featured in the book; family members traveled from New York, Michigan, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, California and Washington state; Robert Sims, history professor emeritus from Boise State University and his wife, Betty, flew in from Boise; Daniel Burge, a senior research scientist at the Image Permanence Institute at RIT in Rochester, New York, happened to be in town and came to the event with his sister; as well as friends from newspaper days. Karen Maeda Allman of Elliot Bay Book Company, handled book sales.

The camera I brought to the event is sitting on the podium.  I was unable to talk and take pictures so Clint Maruki, my cousin's son from SoCal, let me post his photos. Thank you, Clint, and everyone who attended and participated!

© 2013 Clint Maruki
Paul Kogita's handiwork, the Minidoka sign in the background, added to the festivities at this second Seattle event.

© 2013 Clint Maruki
Megumi Schacher, right, made three ikebana arrangements during a 30-minute demonstration in the  Microsoft Auditorium. More of her creations can be seen on her website:

© 2013 Clint Maruki
Megumi studies in the Sogetsu School of Ikebana and travels to Japan several times a year to stay current with the latest designs and ideas.

© 2013 Clint Maruki

Sun. Nov. 10 - Portland
Art Wright, photographer and videographer extraordinaire, organized a book event in Portland at Sandra's Splendorporium, an amazing creative space in southeast Portland. Larry Matsuda joined me, again, along with Linda Tamura, author of Nisei Soldiers Break Their Silence (2012), for this collaborative reading and video presentation of Art's Minidoka book trailer to an audience of friends and friends of friends. Todd Mayberry of Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center sold books at the event and numerous volunteers helped Art pull everything together from chairs to sushi. A huge thank you to Art and company.
© Teresa Tamura
Art Wright

Sat. Nov. 16 - Boise
Special thanks goes to Amanda Halverson and Scott Gipson at Caxton Press who coordinated a book signing at Rediscovered Bookshop at 180 N 8th St. in Boise for me and made sure books arrived on time to all of these events. I appreciate everyone at Caxton for their hand in making this book possible, as well as to the University of Nebraska Press for their help with publicity and distribution.

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