Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ending the year with a positive note...

I am honored a selection of Minidoka photos from my book will be included in the Boise Art Museum's upcoming exhibition, Minidoka: Artist as Witness (Oct. 8, 2016 through Jan. 15, 2017). posted a story this month. Here's the last paragraph of the story:

"Boise Art Museum's 'Imagine Your Parks' project will comprise an exhibition of artwork produced at the camp or created by artists whose families have a personal connection with the Minidoka incarceration experience, such as Takuichi Fuji (1892-1964), Kenjiro Nomura (1896-1956), Teresa Tamura (b. 1960), Roger Shimomura (b. 1939), and Wendy Maruyama (b. 1952). Recognized as a unit of the National Park System in 2001, the internment site held more than 9,000 evacuees between the years 1942 and 1945. To engage visitors of all ages with the Minidoka National Historic Site, educational programming will take place at the Boise Art Museum, at the national park site, and at Boise State University (BSU). The exhibition has been scheduled to coincide with the annual Civil Liberties Symposium at BSU in fall 2016."

This coming year's Civil Liberties Symposium will be held Oct. 15 and 16 with the theme: "Mass Incarceration in the Land of the Free." For questions and/or suggestions, you can contact Ross Burkhart at <> or Carol Ash at <>.

I'll close out 2015 with a quote by Melanie Fales, BAMS's Executive Director: 'Few people know that Idaho had a major relocation camp during WWII, and even fewer people are aware of the visual art production that occurred as a result. By partnering with the Minidoka National Historic Site and engaging people with this artwork, we will have a powerful and personal means of creating a dialogue about a sensitive subject of profound importance.'

Wishing you all a peaceful new year.

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