Wednesday, January 13, 2016

In the Treasure Valley

                                                                                               © 2015 Neil King
Neil King, former National Park Service superintendent of Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument and Minidoka National Historic Site, emailed a photo of the license plate on his truck. Neil lives with the "Gaman" spirit as he continues work on the Minidoka site and Civil Liberties Symposium through his service as a member of the Friends of Minidoka board. He was the project manager for the reconstruction of the guard tower project (dedicated in June 2014) which also includes a change to the entrance parking area set for this April.

In his email, Neil notes: "I have had only 2 comments, outside family. One asked the meaning! The other asked if I was Gay?" Here's how Wikipedia defines the word:

Neil also noted the theme of this year's Civil Liberties Symposium will be: Mass Incarceration in theLand of the Free. The shift in time from summer to fall was done to encourage and allow more students and teachers to attend the two-day event, along with special coordination with the Boise Art Museum and its exhibition about Minidoka. 

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